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Brady's aerial cinematography and photography make extremely powerful impressions.

Aerial imagery creates beautiful aesthetics and a sense of situational perspective that is powerfully persuasive and memorable.


As a professional photographer and Commercially Licensed Pilot (CPL) with the Advanced Transport Canada Drone (RPAS) rating, I have the experience to create compelling images from the air.


As a pilot, I abide by and navigate the complex rules of using drones and aircraft to create amazing visuals. I conduct all of my flight operations with the proper insurance and permissions. I have the credentials, equipment and I take care of the paperwork.

Being artistic is a good start and gathering content from an aerial platform takes both precision and skill.  The drone is just a tool, it's the talent that defines the product.


I provide my own equipment in a turn key operation. I look forward to working with your team to capture beautiful content.


Hourly and daily rates available.

Commercially Licensed Aircraft Pilot and Certified Advanced Drone Pilot.


Fully qualified to manage all the complexities of aerial cinematography within the letter of the law.






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